Analysis of an online store’s server environment

The site that we have decided to look at is  This is a site which provides dog health supplements via the Internet.

The following are the results from a look into the server.

Site title Dog & Cat Supplements – Proven to Improve Pet’s Health Date first seen November 2006
Site rank unknown Default language English
Description Lintbells is dedicated server hosting to making tasty, nutritional supplements for dogs and cats; proven to improve your pet’s health. Visit our website to find a suitable product for your pet.
Keywords dog nutrition, dog supplements, cats health, puppy care, dogs supplements, Lintbells


Site Last reboot unknown          Uptime graph
Domain Netblock owner customer dedicated servers
IP address Nameserver
Hosting Country  UK DNS admin
Domain Registrar unknown Reverse DNS
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation unknown
Top Level Domain Commercial entities (.com) Hosting company

Content Technology – the technology that is running on the website at present




Advertising Networks DoubleClick Internet advertising service provided by Google
CSS Usage CSS Media Query
External Styles defined within an external CSS file
Character Encoding UTF8 UCS Transformation Format 8 bit
Client-Side Scripting Frameworks jQuery A JavaScript library used to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML
Client-Side Technology JavaScript Open source programming language commonly implemented as part of a web browser
Doctype XHTML Extended version of the Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP Compression Gzip Content Encoding Gzip HTTP Compression protocol
Technology PHP PHP is supported and/or running
PHP Powered PHP is running on the server
Web Stats Google Webmaster Tools Set of tools allowing webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites on Google, you can also use ssd vps hosting
Google Analytics Google’s website traffic analysis service

Hosting History – What server technology has been used before and is used at present

Netblock Owner

IP address


Web Server

Last changed customer dedicated servers Linux Apache/2.2.14 Ubuntu 1-Feb-2013
1 1 Internet Linux Apache 27-Aug-2009



Its good to note that the server is based in the UK, which will help the rankings in

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