So many of you will have heard about the new Amazon Coins currency that they are releasing, and this got me to thinking what kind of hosting app could we launch in order to get a piece of the Kindle Fire pie?

If any of you have any ideas do let us know, but in the mean time heres the info on that Amazon Coins currency.

There is a new virtual currency that Amazon are releasing very soon They have called it Amazon coins, and it is being introduced as a new form of tender for the purchase of apps, games and in Items via their Kindle Fire hardware.  Lots of which found there way into people’s stockings this Christmas.

Amazon believes that this will make their customers who own a Kindle fire more easily able to spend money in the Amazon App Store. Time to tell the family that we have to sell xbox 360, to fund our app development for the Kindle Fire.

So what do that developers actually have to do in order to take advantage of this new currency? To be honest, developers don’t really need to do much. Those developers who already have apps within the App Store will actually get paid as usual in real money. If you’re a budding app developer and you want to get in on this at the start you need to get your app submitted and approved by April 25.

In order to give the new tender a boost, Amazon are going to be giving away tens of millions of pounds worth of free Amazon coins that can then be spent via the Kindle fire on apps.

It’s interesting to note that developers continue to report higher conversion rates on Amazon compares to other platforms. Amazon are increasingly trying to make their App Store more appealing to developers, as they know they have a fight on their hands in the form of Apple’s App Store.

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