We’ve decided to continue our look at popular sites server and hosting technology – so here is one from a popular jewellery site based in London.

Site title Designer Jewellery & Fine Jewellery at EC One Online Date first seen November 1999
Site rank Primary language English
Description Award-winning retailer of designer jewellery.
Keywords jewellery, designer jewellery, designer rings, designer necklaces, designer earrings, designer bracelets


Site http://www.econe.co.uk Netblock Owner Nexcess – 4D Sirius II
Domain econe.co.uk Nameserver ns1.livedns.co.uk
IP address DNS admin admin@econe.co.uk
IPv6 address Not Present Reverse DNS unknown
Domain registrar unknown Nameserver organisation whois.nic.uk
Organisation unknown Hosting company truedns.co.uk
Top Level Domain United Kingdom (.co.uk) DNS Security Extensions unknown
Hosting country  UK

Hosting History

Netblock owner IP address OS Web server Last seen
Nexcess – 4D Sirius II Linux Apache 30-Sep-2013


Netcraft Risk Rating 0/10
On Spamhaus Block List No On Exploits Block List No
On Policy Block List No On Domain Block List No

Site Technology Fetched on 09th September 2013

  • Server-Side

    Includes all the main technologies that Netcraft detects as running on the server such as PHP.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    SSL A cryptographic protocol providing communication security over the Internet A cryptographic protocol providing communication security over the Internet www.gmx.net , sourceforge.net , slashdot.org
  • Client-Side

    Includes all the main technologies that run on the browser (such as JavaScript and Adobe Flash).
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    JavaScript Open source programming language commonly implemented as part of a web browser Open source programming language commonly implemented as part of a web browser www.bbc.co.uk , www.google.com , www.google.pl
  • Client-Side Scripting Frameworks

    Frameworks or libraries allow for easier development of applications by providing an Application Program Interface (API) or a methodology to follow whilst developing.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    jQuery A JavaScript library used to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML A JavaScript library used to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML www.microsoft.com , www.wunderground.com , www.amazon.de
    Prototype JS A JavaScript framework A JavaScript framework www.eleconomista.es , www.nachrichten.net , www.bijouxterner.com
  • E-Commerce

    Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is the buying and selling of product or service over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks, and we make sure to secure yours with dedicated server its also to make your site stable.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    Magento eCommerce Commercial eCommerce Software Commercial eCommerce Software www.meinedekowelt.de , www.caraccessories.com
  • PHP Application

    PHP is an open source server-side scripting language designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    Magento eCommerce Commercial eCommerce Software Commercial eCommerce Software
  • Web Stats

    Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    Google Webmaster Tools Set of tools allowing webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites on Google Set of tools allowing webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites on Google www.xvideos.com , www.ebay.co.uk , www.ebay.com
  • Character Encoding

    A character encoding system consists of a code that pairs each character from a given repertoire with something else such as a bit pattern, sequence of natural numbers, octets, or electrical pulses in order to facilitate the transmission of data (generally numbers or text) through telecommunication networks or for data storage.
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    UTF8 UCS Transformation Format 8 bit UCS Transformation Format 8 bit www.googleadservices.com , login.live.com
  • Doctype

    A Document Type Declaration, or DOCTYPE, is an instruction that associates a particular SGML or XML document (for example, a webpage) with a Document Type Definition (DTD).
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    XHTML Extended version of the Hypertext Markup Language Extended version of the Hypertext Markup Language www.ilmeteo.it , www.paulallen.com , www.web.de
  • CSS Usage

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language (such as XHTML).
    Technology Description Popular sites using this technology
    Embedded Styles defined within a webpage Styles defined within a webpage www.spiegel.de , www.linkedin.com , www.amazon.co.uk
    External Styles defined within an external CSS file Styles defined within an external CSS file www.yahoo.com , www.amazon.com , www.ebay.de
    CSS Media Query No description www.repubblica.it , www.nytimes.com , www.t-online.de
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Interest in wearable computing technology has been piqued by Google recently. The selection available at Taipei’s Computex trade fair this week is expected to draw large crowds to the various company stands.

All eyes will be set on the five-day tech extravaganzas trend zone where some lesser-known brands could shine, against Apple and its rumoured smart watch, as well as the ongoing hype surrounding Google’s pioneering glass product.

Taipei-based company called solar Star Inc currently sells handheld GPS devices that help golfers, is one of the smaller manufacturers who are looking at the Field of wearable computers.

Their spokesman stated that we saw the huge potential market in 2009 and decided to do research on the smart watch and related apps.

The new watch that they have developed should provide golfers with range finding services and the layouts of over 30,000 golf courses across the world. The device can also be used by people who are jogging or riding bought bikes in order to record distance travelled and also the number of calories that they have consumed.

The watch will be equipped with an E ink paper display that enables its 1.73 inch long screen to be viewed clearly under sunshine. This means that when the watch is coupled with a smart phone and thus provided with Internet connectivity, it will be able to access social media, instant messaging and also allow users to read e-book’s.

The device is table to hit the market before Christmas this year with a pricetag of $179.

Google have been at the forefront of the wearable computing frenzy, following their announcement and also provision to beta testers of their headmounted display known as Google glass.

Glass is linked to the Internet using Wi-Fi hotspots, or by being wirelessly tethered to your smart phone. The pictures and video that you take using Google glass a shared through the Google plus social network.

As you would expect the chief at Apple Tim Cook, is playing down the idea of Google glass, stating his preference that things like watches and other accessories doing a recent interview in California.

As we mentioned Apple have been rumoured to be launching and I watched device to be worn on the wrist quite soon.

Some critics have predicted that Google glass is very similar to the Segway, except for the face. Segways are used by a number of people across the world, however they’re not exactly ubiquitous yet.

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Its safe to say that in the developed world, geolocation technology has its upsides and its downsides. On the one hand, we can now follow our progress as we walk from A to B without getting lost and don’t have to use a printed flyer or map, and find the nearest two-for-one pizza deal in the process.

In the future, says Jane Frost of the Market Research Society, governments will use such data “to understand how people interact with services such as public transport and health, and to monitor criminals and detect and prevent fraud”. On the other, companies will aggressively mine geolocation data to target customers with goods and services according to their habits and location.

In the developing world, and in fragile and conflict states, though, the technology is being put to less controversial use. A project in Nigeria for the UK Department for International Development, for example, which is funding a programme to help reduce child and mother mortality in childbirth by encouraging more mothers to give birth in clinics, has successfully combined GPS data collected during interviews with satellite imagery to clearly show the effect of distance on mortality.

“We knew there was a huge difference between the muslim north and the Christian south,” says Johnny Heald of ORB International, the opinion research firm that carried out the interviews using GPS-equipped PDAs. “By interviewing people where we knew clinics were funded, and also a matching sample where they weren’t, then overlaying that data on satellite maps, we could show the effect of distance on mortality very effectively.”

ORB, which specialises in research in fragile and conflict states, also worked with US satellite imagery and information firm Digital Globe on a more complex project that used so-called “geospatial analysis” to predict where Joseph Kony’s notorious Ugandan guerilla group, the Lord’s Resistance Army, would strike next. Data-rich satellite maps and geolocation information from the sites of previous attacks were fed into a model that used machine-learning to search for likely future targets.

The technology is not without its dangers, for interviewers and interviewees, Heald says: “In some countries, like Somalia or Afghanistan, if you’re caught with a GPS device or a particularly advanced mobile phone, you’re automatically a spy. Likewise, because GPS pinpoints people very accurately, some people in a sample could be at risk if, say, they expressed certain political views. We have to present the opinions of say, eight or 10 people in a village, collectively. There’s an ethical issue here.”

Frost notes that concerns about the use of geolocation data also apply in the developed world, “especially when the data is combined with personal information like gender, race, occupation and financial history. What data is collected and how is developing rapidly, but data privacy legislation is not. Public and consumer trust in data sharing is taking a beating, and organisations need to commit to ethical data sharing that respects personal privacy before trust becomes a real problem.”

Are there any other uses of technology that we take for granted in the UK, which you know are being used abroad to help people and save lives? Let us know and we will publish details and photos. £100 for any story that we use.

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Here’s some news for those of you who have just signed up for our new gaming VPS rig. Your nan might fancy fragging a few zombies…. Yeah I said fragging, not.. oh never mind.

Anyway a 99 year old lady called Dorothy Thompson who lives in America has just found her way back into bowling, into Wii bowling that is. She is a known as an Xgamer.

Thompson confided that she had never played a video game before but that it’s just so natural and it’s like regular bowling.

There are a growing number of people who play exercise games on consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox Kinect and also the PlayStation Move, as a substitute for traditional methods of fitness.

Thompson believes that it’s a fun and entertaining way to exercise and also that it is a good alternative for the person who doesn’t want to do traditional exercise. Can I see my nan who is happy in her Essex care home playing Call of Duty, or even the Wii for that matter? Hmm not so much, but saying that she does like scrabble.

xbox logoHowever researchers are pouring doubt on the effectiveness of this type of exercise. A clinical exercise psychologist at the University of Nebraska commented that most fitness games only offer low levels of activity. Generally it’s equivalent to a brisk walk, so it’s not very strenuous.

Walking quickly tends to burn around 350 cal per hour on average, and adults need at least 150 minutes this type of activity every week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To put this into context this would mean dancing to 43 songs in dance dance Revolution or playing tennis on Wii sports for the equivalent of a Wimbledon length tennis match.

Apparently the best game workouts are the ones where you actually get off the couch and constantly moving. Obviously the faster you are moving the more calories you will burn.

Excerpt games unlocked is a new website which provides ratings for these games, categorising them as calorie burner, skip this or even staff picks. For the senior citizens who use these games they usually have one person who stands on the balance board and Leeds, whilst the rest of the crowd mimics the movement.

It’s worth noting that although the less strenuous games tend to burn a lot less calories they can be very helpful in easing arthritis pain and actually improving balance. However warns the psychologist, there is nothing better than old-fashioned exercise. Virtual tennis should not be used to replace live tennis; lol like a 99 year old is going to go out and play real tennis!

Let us know if your gran plays computer games and for the first two replies we’ll give you a years worth of access to our new gaming VPS rig.

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So many of you will have heard about the new Amazon Coins currency that they are releasing, and this got me to thinking what kind of hosting app could we launch in order to get a piece of the Kindle Fire pie?

If any of you have any ideas do let us know, but in the mean time heres the info on that Amazon Coins currency.

There is a new virtual currency that Amazon are releasing very soon They have called it Amazon coins, and it is being introduced as a new form of tender for the purchase of apps, games and in Items via their Kindle Fire hardware.  Lots of which found there way into people’s stockings this Christmas.

Amazon believes that this will make their customers who own a Kindle fire more easily able to spend money in the Amazon App Store. Time to tell the family that we have to sell xbox 360, to fund our app development for the Kindle Fire.

So what do that developers actually have to do in order to take advantage of this new currency? To be honest, developers don’t really need to do much. Those developers who already have apps within the App Store will actually get paid as usual in real money. If you’re a budding app developer and you want to get in on this at the start you need to get your app submitted and approved by April 25.

In order to give the new tender a boost, Amazon are going to be giving away tens of millions of pounds worth of free Amazon coins that can then be spent via the Kindle fire on apps.

It’s interesting to note that developers continue to report higher conversion rates on Amazon compares to other platforms. Amazon are increasingly trying to make their App Store more appealing to developers, as they know they have a fight on their hands in the form of Apple’s App Store.

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Its not often that we say this, but FatCow is the ideal hosting platform for both experienced and newbie webmasters. The company was founded in 1998, and they have been providing various hosting solutions for more than a decade – which is a long term in hosting terms.

We’ve found that both small and medium sized online businesses find FatCow extremely user friendly as they have bucket loads of bandwidth and server disk space.

This is reflected in the way that FatCow runs various price discounts and promotions to give their customers affordable shared web hosting for as little as £2.50 per month. For most people, everything seems different with FatCow. They’ve got personality in the way they have designed their website, and the way they present their hosting features, which certainly makes a change.

FatCow Web Hosting Features

Customers making use of FatCow’s cheap web hosting services find them to be very reliable with an uptime of about 99.99% as it is supported by a multi-Gigabit server. Other benefits and features include:

  • Fast servers coupled with efficient customer support – Everyone that we have spoken to only had good things to say about the reliability of their hosting services as far as FatCow is concerned.  They make sure their customers experience the fastest uploads and downloads from the servers they use.
  • Having a backup policy that is reliable – Although this is not often seen with budget hosting  FatCow’s Server backups are run on a daily basis to ensure that lost data can be restored at will. Every care is taken to ensure that their systems are continuously monitored and running at peak performance for added reliability, which gives you peace of mind.
  • Brilliant after sales service – To be sure, FatCow’s support staff are always ready to either take your call that is free of charge, or standing by for an online chat with their valued customers.

Other Useful FatCow Features

  • Unlimited Hosting at only £30.00 per year, which is really good value
  • Customers are able to sell loads of products using FatCow’s user friendly e-Commerce system
  • Fat Cow’s gone green by only using electricity generated 100% by wind energy
  • Easy and simple payment processing that enables business owners to start immediately
  • Customers get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, just in case
  • Simplicity is key to their success with one package and one price
  • FatCow Hosting plans are designed for people with or without experience

Own an Eco-Friendly Website With FatCow!

By hosting your site with FatCow you are standing firmly behind the going green initiative. You can show your visitors your support by sporting FatCow’s green badge on your website. This way you will demonstrate that your website is also powered by wind energy.

It might also be useful in a CSR point of view to promote the fact to your customers that your business website is an eco-friendly site that is powered by renewable energy.


Analysis of an online store’s server environment

The site that we have decided to look at is Lintbells.com.  This is a site which provides dog health supplements via the Internet.

The following are the results from a look into the server.

Site title Dog & Cat Supplements – Proven to Improve Pet’s Health Date first seen November 2006
Site rank unknown Default language English
Description Lintbells is dedicated to making tasty, nutritional supplements for dogs and cats; proven to improve your pet’s health. Visit our website to find a suitable product for your pet.
Keywords dog nutrition, dog supplements, cats health, puppy care, dogs supplements, Lintbells


Site http://www.lintbells.com Last reboot unknown          Uptime graph
Domain lintbells.com Netblock owner LCN.com customer dedicated servers
IP address Nameserver ns.123-reg.co.uk
Hosting Country  UK DNS admin hostmaster@lintbells.com
Domain Registrar unknown Reverse DNS ds355969-1.lcnservers.com
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation unknown
Top Level Domain Commercial entities (.com) Hosting company lcn.com

Content Technology – the technology that is running on the website at present




Advertising Networks DoubleClick Internet advertising service provided by Google
CSS Usage CSS Media Query
External Styles defined within an external CSS file
Character Encoding UTF8 UCS Transformation Format 8 bit
Client-Side Scripting Frameworks jQuery A JavaScript library used to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML
Client-Side Technology JavaScript Open source programming language commonly implemented as part of a web browser
Doctype XHTML Extended version of the Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP Compression Gzip Content Encoding Gzip HTTP Compression protocol
Technology PHP PHP is supported and/or running
PHP Powered PHP is running on the server
Web Stats Google Webmaster Tools Set of tools allowing webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites on Google
Google Analytics Google’s website traffic analysis service

Hosting History – What server technology has been used before and is used at present

Netblock Owner

IP address


Web Server

Last changed

LCN.com customer dedicated servers Linux Apache/2.2.14 Ubuntu 1-Feb-2013
1 1 Internet Linux Apache 27-Aug-2009



Its good to note that the server is based in the UK, which will help the rankings in Google.co.uk.

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Actually there’s just one key concern and it’s that one can never make sure whether she or he is certainly going to get what has been offered or there will soon be discrepancy between expectations and quality of services in fact! The brilliance of Linux web hosting over Windows web hosting and vice versa is definitely interesting. The following article has a newcomers consider the technology that switches into developing a website and then how that technology can influence the requirements of one’s hosting system. For characteristics, the greater costly it will get, the greater loaded it will be with products or services benefits.

A novel solution is offered by hosting of MS SQL Server to clients. Dedicated server hosting provides you full control of one’s web site. This type of hosting is best suited for clients with large internet sites. The “per bandwidth” ideas established with the service have the ability to help cam broadcasts as well as videos from other sources.

web hosting

More and more individuals are negotiating with this choice in the IT activities as their preferred type of hosting because many advantages. This is not the case with Windows hosting, which is qualified and ensures that you will need to pay a licensing fee in order to utilize it. This can be a thing that you wish to consider when planning your website or selecting between Windows and linux hosting services for your company. For some reason, that last question in particular has been rather the subject of several on the web discussions.

Reseller web hosting is just a range of VPS web hosting in which the account owner has got the center to use his\/her assigned hard drive space, together with bandwidth to number sites on behalf of third parties. Target for the mixture of features in the best cost. Web hosting may be the process that enables a website to be put by you online. Make sure each topic is filled with useful and essential information, and leaves the customer lusting to know more.

The expression area’ has become the most known word in the world of web. It’s important that you choose one that has excellent service, whenever choosing a hosting company. With a dedicated server on the other hand, your internet site could be the only one located on the dedicated server you are using. However, it is important to check the qualities of the aid that’s available with the host community.


Host creature specializes in customer care. Nonetheless it is essential that you know the difference between your two various kinds of WordPress web hosting, and that you know who they are best designed for. If you are working almost on any business site, wordpress.org must be your only option. Within an real shop establishing a retail complex is really a place where stores pay for space to open shop.

Providers enable you to take advantage of their assets at some definite charge. The software most widely used with Shoutcast server hosting contain Winamp Plugin and SAM3 Broadcaster for Spacial Audio. Hence, fans get a way to pay attention to live, on-demand shows. Nevertheless, the Linux dedicated machines are believed to function as most useful people in comparison with windows os.

A lot of them not required supreme kind of security and additionally they do not bother whether it’s MS-SQL database server or some thing else to develop their database. When you yourself have at heart host hosting, webpage hosting, or perhaps about anything to produce with computers one address really stands apart Windows. We will try to be as objective as you can and our opinions are backed up by studies and white papers. Most computer geeks may counsel you to select linux hosting, as Unix – where Linux is based – is just a far more secure and stable system than Windows’ option.

In case you cannot obtain the desired name, play the role of creative and inventive. The choice of operating-system will extensively be between Windows and Linux (open source). Despite that, it is generally speaking seen as a full-fledged variety. Some can provide extra provides and others are providing all companies at face value.

There are those companies that offer free website hosting services that include most of the methods that are available in a standard paid for service. there’s ways to do it, Thankfully today. However, it’s very important to examine the characteristics of the support that is available with the host society. When it comes to the expense of a website variety business, you need to think about what the service offers.

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Look for a company that’s 95 percent uptime or maybe more. This implies that folks are using these sites to generally share information, media goods in addition to every other thing that could be uploaded and downloaded on the net. There are many of reasons behind that. Before picking a web hosting service, decide whether your website is solely for personal use or whether you’ll at some point wish to use it for business purposes.

A niche have been found by speakeasy in concentrating on simplifying business communications national. You can reach her @Go4Hosting on Twitter. Some body has rightly said the essential for the triumph of worst is that great men do nothing rather they know the very fact. MS SQL server hosting support is very good for its people as has been discussed below.

Better growth of Linux makes linux hosting a more viable alternative than other hosting platforms. I do want to examine the Windows operating system further. A favorite option to windows hosting is Linux-based hosting for operating a web site. If the user is dissatisfied with facilities provided, the user has got the right to obtain the full refund for an interval of thirty days from getting into contract.

Resellers buying this package get the WHM, better called the Master Reseller Control Panel. You can conserve money by utilizing addon domains and they make it easier for you to handle your accounts. Upon finding, data files are then seen and displayed for the web browsers to use. Keep the period of your signature between 4 to 6 lines of text, without any more than 70 people within a line.

Organizations have become more skilled and concerned towards their content especially the web creating companies. Organizations are now solely focussing on quality Hosting solutions and obtain a more impressive share of the buyer market. Once you are sure your chosen domain name is available, you should make the reservation of the domain name or his name or his name. Web hosting companies provide space on their computers for several of the sites that individuals encounter while using the Internet.

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