Here’s some news for those of you who have just signed up for our new gaming VPS rig. Your nan might fancy fragging a few zombies…. Yeah I said fragging, not.. oh never mind.

Anyway a 99 year old lady called Dorothy Thompson who lives in America has just found her way back into bowling, into Wii bowling that is. She is a known as an Xgamer.

Thompson confided that she had never played a video game before but that it’s just so natural and it’s like regular bowling.

There are a growing number of people who play exercise games on consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox Kinect and also the PlayStation Move, as a substitute for traditional methods of fitness.

Thompson believes that it’s a fun and entertaining way to exercise and also that it is a good alternative for the person who doesn’t want to do traditional exercise. Can I see my nan who is happy in her Essex care home playing Call of Duty, or even the Wii for that matter? Hmm not so much, but saying that she does like scrabble.

xbox logoHowever researchers are pouring doubt on the effectiveness of this type of exercise. A clinical exercise psychologist at the University of Nebraska commented that most fitness games only offer low levels of activity. Generally it’s equivalent to a brisk walk, so it’s not very strenuous.

Walking quickly tends to burn around 350 cal per hour on average, and adults need at least 150 minutes this type of activity every week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To put this into context this would mean dancing to 43 songs in dance dance Revolution or playing tennis on Wii sports for the equivalent of a Wimbledon length tennis match.

Apparently the best game workouts are the ones where you actually get off the couch and constantly moving. Obviously the faster you are moving the more calories you will burn.

Excerpt games unlocked is a new website which provides ratings for these games, categorising them as calorie burner, skip this or even staff picks. For the senior citizens who use these games they usually have one person who stands on the balance board and Leeds, whilst the rest of the crowd mimics the movement.

It’s worth noting that although the less strenuous games tend to burn a lot less calories they can be very helpful in easing arthritis pain and actually improving balance. However warns the psychologist, there is nothing better than old-fashioned exercise. Virtual tennis should not be used to replace live tennis; lol like a 99 year old is going to go out and play real tennis!

Let us know if your gran plays computer games and for the first two replies we’ll give you a years worth of access to our new gaming VPS rig.

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