Interest in wearable computing technology has been piqued by Google recently. The selection available at Taipei’s Computex trade fair this week is expected to draw large crowds to the various company stands.

All eyes will be set on the five-day tech extravaganzas trend zone where some lesser-known brands could shine, against Apple and its rumoured smart watch, as well as the ongoing hype surrounding Google’s pioneering glass product.

Taipei-based company called solar Star Inc currently sells handheld GPS devices that help golfers, is one of the smaller manufacturers who are looking at the Field of wearable computers.

Their spokesman stated that we saw the huge potential market in 2009 and decided to do research on the smart watch and related apps.

The new watch that they have developed should provide golfers with range finding services and the layouts of over 30,000 golf courses across the world. The device can also be used by people who are jogging or riding bought bikes in order to record distance travelled and also the number of calories that they have consumed.

The watch will be equipped with an E ink paper display that enables its 1.73 inch long screen to be viewed clearly under sunshine. This means that when the watch is coupled with a smart phone and thus provided with Internet connectivity, it will be able to access social media, instant messaging and also allow users to read e-book’s.

The device is table to hit the market before Christmas this year with a pricetag of $179.

Google have been at the forefront of the wearable computing frenzy, following their announcement and also provision to beta testers of their headmounted display known as Google glass.

Glass is linked to the Internet using Wi-Fi hotspots, or by being wirelessly tethered to your smart phone. The pictures and video that you take using Google glass a shared through the Google plus social network.

As you would expect the chief at Apple Tim Cook, is playing down the idea of Google glass, stating his preference that things like watches and other accessories doing a recent interview in California.

As we mentioned Apple have been rumoured to be launching and I watched device to be worn on the wrist quite soon.

Some critics have predicted that Google glass is very similar to the Segway, except for the face. Segways are used by a number of people across the world, however they’re not exactly ubiquitous yet.

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